The 5 most important rules when buying Art for the bedroom

Featured art by Paola Minekov, Irina Rumyantseva, Celia Lewis and Michele Honey-Floyd. Artwork included in above image may not be actual size. All copyrights remain with the artists and are currently featured on

When researching for this Post online it quickly became clear that ‘what Art is appropriate for the bedroom’ is quite a contentious issue with various schools of thought on the subject.

One thing was unanimous though, and this is that your bedroom is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation, and what art you choose should reflect this. Calming natural scenes with light, warming colours, working with other features and soft furnishings in the room will help achieve this. This approach is supported by advocates of Feng Shui but is also just common sense – bright reds and yellows and carnival scenes may not evoke the calming sleep inducing qualities desired from your place of slumber, but a simple muted abstract would probably be more conducive to contented shut-eye.

There are, however, 2 major faus pas when hanging art, regardless of the room, that are the most common rookie mistakes cited by interior designers that you should definitely watch out for.

  1. Hanging the art too high or too low – the centre of the piece should be approximately 57 inches from the floor (eye level), or, if a feature piece is above a sofa or headboard (in the case of the bedroom), 6-8 inches from the headboard to the bottom edge of the artwork or frame is perfect.
  1. The art is too small or too large for the space – Nothing contaminates the feeling of a room more than a tiny piece of art adrift in a sea of negative space. Similarly, Art that is too big can completely unbalance a room referred to as an upside down pyramid affect in my recent post on art for the living room. However, too big is certainly better than too small.

Stylist, Author and TV host Emily Henderson has written a fantastic article on how to hang art correctly which can be found on her blog site that gives more great real life examples using images of her own work and is definitely worth a look.

Despite the differences in opinions out there below is a simple checklist that will help avoid the common mistakes and turn your bedroom into the relaxing, stylised sanctuary you deserve:

  • Hang at the right height – 6-8 inches above the headboard or at eye level in other parts of the room
  • Pick the right size for the space – ideally between half and two thirds the size of the headboard.
  • Pick the right themes – Landscapes and nature are often good themes (although not water), simple modern Art and undefined figures are also appropriate choices.
  • Pick the right colours – light, natural colours. Avoid vibrant tones, bright reds, yellows etc.
  • Compliment the rest of the room – living rooms are the places to be bold and adventurous and create juxtaposition in design, bedrooms are for continuity and simplicity.

Hope you enjoyed this article and if your would like further inspiration on art for the Bedroom, you can find an area of our sited dedicated to work perfect for this space at


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